Physique Coaching 


Physique Locker Plans and Pricing





 Online Coaching Packages


Level 2 – £99 per month

  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support
  • Tailored Training and Cardio Plans
  • Tailored Diet and Nutrition Plans
  • Goal Assessments
  • 2 x Weekly Check-Ins
  • Introduction Phone Call/Video Call
  • Supplement Plan
  • 1 x Monthly Goal Assessment and Improvement Planning Video Call

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1-2-1 PHYSIQUE personal training IN CUMBRIA


1-2-1 Personal Training and Physique Coaching

Pay as You Go – £35 per 45min Training Session

Block Booking Discount – £125 = 5 x 45min Training Sessions

Block Booking Discount – £225 = 10 x 45minTraining Sessions

  • 1-to-1 Gym Training
  • Tailored Training and Cardio Plans
  • Nutrition Advice

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2-2-1 Coaching

Pay as You Go – £45 per 45min Training Session

Package – £170 = 5 x 45min Training Sessions

Package – £310 = 10 x 45minTraining Sessions

  • 2-to-1 Gym Training
  • Tailored Training and Cardio Plans
  • Nutrition Advice

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Small Group Training

4-6 People – £15 per Person

  • Small Group Gym Training
  • Tailored Training and Cardio Plans
  • Nutrition Advice

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Detailed Information



 1-to-1, 2-to-1 and Small Group Gym Training (Cumbria Only) 

As your personal coach I will assist you in following your personalised training program. I will offer encouragement, keep you focused and ensure your form is perfect. I'll track your progress, answer any questions you have and keep you working towards your goals.

 Tailored Training & Cardio Plans 

Each training and cardio plan will be specific to you and your needs. My job is to understand your goals, work out the timescale and create a specific training plan to get you there. I create tailored plans which focus on you and where you want to improve.

You will have a full, long-term periodised training program that is designed to fit your lifestyle and training experience. Resistance training, cardio and conditioning will be included into your plan which will easily slot into your schedule. It will be a dynamic, exciting program that you will enjoy and not find a chore.

 Tailored Diet & Nutrition Plans 

The tailored diet and nutrition plan is your bible and covers everything you need to eat and drink. You can only transform your body through eating the right foods, and a specific nutrition plan will give you everything your body needs. Nutritional guidance will cover macronutrients, quantity, sources, meal frequency, meal timing, pre/post training nutrition and much more.

Don't worry, I'm not here to put you on a hardcore fish and rice meal plan for 6 meals a day "bro". I want you to enjoy your food, so I'll incorporate tasty treats, alcoholic drinks and meals out. This is about making long term changes, and your food plan will reflect that.

Nutritional advice is included with the 1-to-1 training. Tailored diet plans are available at an additional cost. Please ask for more info. 




Level 1

 Online Training 

Results driven International Physique Coaching, provided by Physique Locker. I'll provide you with everything you need to reach your goals including a tailored nutrition/macro plan, workout plan and tutorials. I'll keep you on track with ongoing support and provide help whenever you need it.

 Tailored Training & Cardio Plans 

As above.

 Tailored Macro & Nutrition Plans 

As above.

 24/7 WhatsApp Support/Advice/Motivation 

Half of the battle is changing your mindset, and doing that by yourself is hard. Don't worry though because I'll help you make sustainable, positive changes through ongoing accountability and regular motivation. If you need help, have a specific question or simply feel disheartened I will provide immediate advice and assistance through the phone, whenever you need it. You'll never feel lost or alone on your body transformation journey.

 Weekly Check-Ins 

Check-ins will enable me to see how you are progressing. They will allow me to examine your form, your diet and your weight. You'll be able to provide more information on your energy levels, your sleeping patterns and any issues, if you have any.

 Full Tutorial/Video 

It is really important that you get the form right when exercising and my tutorials will show you exactly what you need to do. I'll explain which muscles are being worked so you have a full understanding of why you're doing an exercise.


Level 2 

The Premium Fitness Plan contains everything in Basic Fitness plus:

 2 x Monthly Video Call 

As above.

 Supplement Information and Advice

Natural supplements are a healthy and safe way to increase muscle mass and support your diet. Using supplements is completely optional, and the benefits of which will largely depend on your goals, and we can discuss these during your consultation.

 Goal Assessments 

Goal assessments are completed during initial consultations and are a chance for us to discuss your goals whether you want to compete in bodybuilding, get in shape for a holiday or simply lose weight. I'll provide you with a timescale and put a plan together what we need to do for success.

 Monthly Video Call 

Your monthly video calls are a chance for you to discuss your progress, your feelings and what you're struggling with. We'll be able to compare past photos, what you've achieved so far and how near you are to your goals.


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